EO Mini Pro 3 – 7.2kW/32a – PME – DCL – Tethered T2


  • The EO Mini Pro 3 is the latest EV charging station from the Mini Pro range and the successor of the Mini Pro 2
  • Some of the key features of the EO Mini Pro 3 which make it a game changer for home charging are its size, power output, smart app and safety features
  • With a size comparable to an A5 notebook, the EO Mini Pro 3 is a must have for design-conscious electric vehicle owners
  • The unit is ready for all weathers, being IP54 certified and able to operate in -25°C temperatures
  • Both tethered and untethered options are available, with a type 2 socket
  • Stay connected with the EO Mini Pro 3 with built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and GSM connectivity
  • Fully compliant with OCPP. 1.6J as standard

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  • The all-new enclosure ensures the Mini Pro 3 lives up to its reputation
  • It's compact - same size as an A5 notebook and perfect for the design-conscious electric car driver
  • Charging your car overnight? Keep it simple with the single-phase 7kW version
  • Unrivalled performance with Wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Limited internet access? Simply add 4G via sim card as an optional extra
  • Built-in power balancing prevents blackouts at home
  • Mini Pro 3 automatically adjusts the output of your charger alongside other energy hungry home appliances

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 125 × 151 × 230 cm