• EVT15-2 Standard Pedestal from EV Tower is compatible with over 20 models of EV chargers
  • Suitable for use with any of EV Tower’s interchangeable mounting plates (available separately), EVT15-2 can hold up to 2 EV chargers per post and also allows users to change plates if and when they change their EV charger
  • EV Tower’s standard pedestal can be installed in any ground type with one of two mounting types (available separately). The surface mount is designed to allow the pedestal to be installed on hard ground, whilst the root mount is ideal for installing the pedestal in softer ground where it can be buried and filled with concrete or postcrete
  • EVT15-2 is easy to install and a cable access door makes installation and maintenance simpler still
  • Cable hooks and type 2 plug holsters are available separately to mount directly onto the pedestal keeping charging areas neat and accessories protected

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  • EV Charger Pedestal Mount
  • Compatible with Over 20 Models of EV Chargers with EV Tower's Interchangeable Mounting Plates (Available Seperately)
  • Can Hold Up to 2 Chargers
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Cable Access Door
  • Cable Hooks and Type 2 Plug Holsters Can Be Mounted to Pedestal (Available Seperately)
  • Mount to Hard or Soft Ground with Either a Surface or Root Mount (Available Seperately)
  • Manufactured Using Cold Formed Hollow Section
  • Fabricated and WElded to EN ISO 14341 for Durability
  • Corrosion Resistant to ISO 9227
  • Height: 1408mm
  • Width (Bottom Plate): 250mm
  • Depth (Bottom Plate): 250mm