Juice Booster 2


  • Just take your charging station with you
  • Wherever there’s power, you can charge
  • No more concerns about range anxiety
  • With JUICE BOOSTER 2 you can always charge at speed
  • In complete safety
  • Irrespective of the power connection type
  • Automatically adjusted to the right setting
  • Both at home and abroad

Juice Booster

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  • The Juice Booster 2 – is the smallest lightest mobile charger which can charge an electric vehicle from virtually any power source
  • The Juice Booster has been developed to provide charging facilities for electric powered transport wherever a power source is available
  • It can be wall mounted using a unique locking bracket, and has integral protection from DC and AC faults, which means no RCD Class V device is required
  • It can used when out and about, and also as a Type2 cable at an AC charger
  • It’s innovative design means the interchangeable, extensive range of over 20 adaptors, enable the Juice Booster 2 to connect to virtually any power source – and once connected, the unit automatically adjusts to maximize power whilst providing safe charging
  • It is extremely robust and able to withstand a wheel load of up to 3 tonnes should it be accidently run over
  • Is waterproof and tested to IP67, ultra-lightweight (just 1kg), and 100% compatible with all electric transport with either a Type2 or Type1 charging inlet
Juice Booster 2 Set comprising:
  • Juice Booster 2 Unit
  • Type2 32A 3Phase Female Connector (vehicle) with 4M cable
  • CEE Adaptor – Red 3Phase 32A
  • UK Adaptor – 3Pin 13A
  • Carry Case
Over 20 additional adaptors and accessories are available depending on requirement.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 7 × 5 cm