Ohme – ePod – 7.4kW


  • The all-new Ohme ePod is suitable for all types of electric vehicles featuring Ohme’s class leading smart charging technology
  • Its compact design makes it an ideal charger for all homes

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  • 3The Ohme ePod is a 7kW smart EV charger powered by the same technology as the award-winning Ohme Home Pro
  • Smart EV charger compatible with any vehicle
  • Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles, the Ohme ePod charger is compliant with the latest Smart Charge Point Regulations
  • Users can set charging schedules and a target battery charge percentage to ensure that the car is prepared for the journey ahead
  • Control Through App or Buttons
  • Use the Ohme App to control your ePod charger or use the buttons located on the front of the charger
  • The Ohme App allows you to schedule charges, set maximum price caps, connect to your energy tariff to monitor cheap charging times and give your charge a boost with the max boost setting
  • Multinet sim card keeps Ohme ePod online and ready to receive information via the Ohme app as well as receiving the latest over-the-air firmware and software updates
    • Key Features of the Ohme ePod EV Charger Include:
      • 7.4kW Smart EV charger
      • Set Charging Schedules & Integrate with Your Energy Tariff to Charge at the Cheapest Times
      • Set Max Price Cap Per kWh to Keep Control of Costs
      • 4G Connectivity for Use with App & Free Software Updates
      • Type 2 Socket
      • IP54 Rated
      • UKCA & WCS Approved
      • 3 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 100 × 140 × 230 cm