• The VCHRGD Seven is a compact and cost-effective solution for smart EV charging
  • The charger is a single-phase, 32A (7kW) charger, but can be limited to any current from 6A up to 32A
  • Charging at home is the most cost-effective and convenient way to charge
  • At VCHRGD our smart home chargers are designed to seamlessly fit into your daily routine
  • Defined by it’s understated, stylish and compact design, the VCHRGD Seven is built to stand out, and designed to blend in
  • Available with an integrated 5 metre cable and type-2 connector or with a universal socket
  • An impressive set of features, including smart tariff integration, charging history, multi-charger management & much more
  • The Seven is an ideal and cost effective solution for smart charging at home

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  • The perfect solution for home and workplace charging, the VCHRGD Seven is a compact and cost-effective smart EV charger
  • A fully compliant, OZEV approved charger, offering single phase 32A output, with dynamic load management, smart tariff & charge scheduling built in
  • The Seven is the ideal combination or form, function & affordability
  • Perfect for home charging, the Seven offers a maximum of 7.4kW of power, or approximately 25-30 miles per hour depending on your electric vehicle
  • Securely connected to the VCHRGD cloud via your home Wi-Fi router, the VCHRGD app allows you to authorise charge sessions, track your charging history, utilise smart tariffs and scheduled charging and much more
  • The Seven comes as a tethered or untethered unit
  • The tethered is available with a 5m cable and Type 2 connector, for ultimate convenience, and a built-in dummy socket to neatly store the connector
  • Or for flexibility, there’s the Universal Type 2 socket, both for the same affordable price
  • Built in RFID allows you to quickly and easily start charging
  • Just tap one of the 2 VCHRGD cards that come with the Seven to our logo and away you go
  • Requiring no additional earthing to provide PEN fault detection, the Seven comes with no additional hidden costs and a simpler installation
  • We offer true dynamic load management to protect your home
  • Just hook up the CT clamp included in the installation kit, and set the maximum load current through the installer app, and the charger does the rest
  • Using the same CT provided in the installation kit, the Seven monitors your home load and will prioritise charging when your solar output is high, ensuring that you minimise power drawn from the grid wherever possible
  • With Wi-Fi built in to ensure quick and easy connection at your home, the Seven is designed to function securely even if you’re router drops out
  • For convenience the built in Bluetooth module allows installers to configure the unit quickly and easily without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Configure your charge cycle to suit you, tell it when to start, how much charge to offer, and when to stop
  • With native smart tariff integrations form Octopus Go & Agile, smarter is cheaper
  • Rigorously tested, contactor-based solution with built in RCD protection, optimised thermal performance & backed by our 3-year warranty
  • The Seven is a smart, safe and secure charging solution

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 34 cm