Wallbox Pulsar Plus


  • Looking for a clever way to charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid at home?
  • Check out Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus in Black.
  • You can connect this smart system to the myWallbox charging management platform using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, making it easy to monitor and control from anywhere with your phone
  • The Pulsar Plus features integrated DC leakage protection and in-built earthing protection as standard
  • It also offers a compact design full of the most advanced technology for maximum charging performance
  • The versatile Pulsar Plus easily adapts to suit different settings, so whether you’re installing it in your own personal garage or a shared parking area, it’s sure to do the trick

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  • Key Features
    • Always connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    • Optimize your charging infrastructure and reduce charging times with Power Boost technology
    • In-built earthing protection for single-phase installations
    • Integrated charging status lights
    • Integrated DC leakage protection
    • Compact design
  • General Specifications
    • Model: Pulsar Plus
    • Colour: Black
    • Charger: AC
    • Connector: Type 2 (7.4kW)
    • Charging mode (IEC 61851-1): Mode 3
    • Dimensions: 166x163x82mm (without cable)
    • Weight: 1kg (without cable)
    • Cable length: 5m (7m optional)
    • Operating temperature: -25ºC to 40ºC
    • Storage temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC
    • Standards: CE mark (LVD 2014/35/EU, EMCD 2014/30/EU), IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21, IEC 62196-2, BS 7671:2018
  • Electrical Specifications
    • Max. power: 7.4kW (1 Phase)
    • Max current: 7.4kW 32A (1P)
    • Adjustable current: from 6-32A
    • Connector type (IEC 62196): Type 2
    • DC Leakage protection: yes
    • Rated Voltage AC ± 10%: 230V
    • Cable width: 10mm²
    • Rated frequency: 50Hz
    • Protection rating: IP54/IK08
    • Surge category: CAT III
    • Residual current detection: DC 6mA
    • RCCB: Type A external RCCB required
  • User Interface
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    • User identification: Wallbox App/myWallbox Portal
    • User interface: Wallbox App/myWallbox Portal
    • Charger status: Halo RGB LED/Wallbox App/myWallbox Portal
    • Included features: Power Sharing Smart
    • Optional features: Power Boost/Dynamic Power Sharing
  • myWallbox Portal: The myWallbox cloud platform allows you to configure, monitor and remotely manage your charger, via mobile app or web portal. It is suitable for private and business use.
    • Information and management in real time: Access from any device to get information about consumption, charging time, energy cost or your charger’s active and uploaded sessions.
    • Regular reports: Easily download all information on energy consumption, costs, uploaded sessions, historical data and much more, whenever you need it.
    • Remote configuration: Set the charging current according to your needs or lock and unlock your charger to avoid misuse. All with a single click.
  • Wallbox App: Manage all your device settings from your mobile phone or tablet through the Wallbox application.
    • Acts as a link between the charger and the myWallbox portal via Bluetooth
    • Set up your device and get access to your consumption
    • Program charging sessions when energy price is lower
    • Set the charging current according to your needs or lock and unlock your charger to avoid misuse. All with a single click.