Zaptec Go Double Bundle

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The perfect bundle here with TWO super reliable chargers and a high quality steel post with fixture and fittings to mount both chargers.

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  • Zaptec Go cleverly adapts its maximum charge to your car’s capacity, ensuring the most efficient charge possible
  • 10X faster Zaptec Go allows you to charge 10 times faster than with a standard house hold plug
  • With a 22 kW car and a single 1 hour charge you’ll be 100 km away in no time
  • 5 year guarantee Giving you reassurance and peace of mind for years to come
  • Smaller and lighter Its sleek and discreet appearance is 80% smaller and lighter than similar chargers on the market
  • Get a lower electricity bill, by charging when the electricity is cheap with Eco Mode
  • With its intelligent design, you can install up to three Zaptec Go’s’ in the same house or workplace, just expand as and when needed
  • Built in Norway Zaptec Go is built to last
  • It is designed, developed and manufactured in Norway, for Norwegian conditions

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 120 × 25 × 25 cm

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