Matt:e SP-EVCP-R Single Phase Voltage Monitoring and Protection Unit with 32A Type A RCBO

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  • The SP-EVCP-T from matt:e is a simple single connection unit, which allows for the connection of 1 x 32amp single phase charge point to the existing PME earthing facility
  • The unit incorporates our own unique monitoring device which disconnects all poles including CPC in the event of a fault and built in double pole Type A RCBO
  • The matt:e SP-EVCP-T technology does not require earth rods or measuring electrodes to function correctly


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  • Built in matt:e technology
  • No earth electrodes required
  • Helps reduce disruptive and costly groundworks
  • Removes the risk of striking buried services
  • Simple wire in wire out connection
  • Built in Type A RCBO
  • Max load: 32A
  • Suitable for connection direct to tails
  • Mild steel IP2X enclosure

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 18.2 × 16.9 cm